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If you want to maximize your chance of admission then the school package is your best choice and your best value. You will partner with an experienced consultant who will walk you through the entire process for the given school of your choice from start to finish. We'll help establish the application timeline, rhythm, immediately get started on your positioning, overall strategy, help identify key strengths, fortify weaknesses, and optimize your chance of success at the school of your choice. We will also help with your overall school selection given your background and goals.

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School Package Overview

The School Package include the critical initial strategy session, help on all the essays for the school (we'll walk you through that process as well), the resume, letter of recommendation strategy, a start-to-finish final Squared Away application review, and interview prep to help you cross the finish line. We'll also be available via email to help answer others questions along the way.

Standard Vs. Premium Package

For those comfortable with a standard iterative essay and resume review process, the Standard Package will suit your needs. The Standard package is particularly helpful for those who have already done much research on the applicatoin process and are generally familiar with what they will ultimately need to do to succeed.

For those who want complete control over how many looks their essays get (with an unlimited amount), want to explore alternative essay options throughout the process, and make use of continues contact with their consultant, you should choose the Premium Package. Both packages also include our Ultimate Military Applicant MBA Guidebook, featuring over 100 pages of successful military applicant essays, resumes, and detailed analysis and insight.

Package clients also receive our past client interview AARs (After Action Reports), which provide detailed insight into the interview process in support of the overall interview prep process.

For more help on deciding between a Standard or Premium package, please see here.


Still not sure between Standard and Premium Packages? Read here to see which may be best for you.

Additional School Packages can be purchased to support your entire application. Since so much of the application work is done together and upfront to build the foundation, significant discounts are offered to those who sign up for multiple schools initially. If you decide to add another school later, you may still do so at a partially discounted rate:

Squared Away Review

Email us your completed application package (essays, resume, data sheets, etc.) and we'll go through every question and fine detail and report to you:

  • Key mistakes or oversights and make suggestions for how to mitigate them.
  • Overall advice on the tone and messaging of your application and provide guidance on how to improve your positioning and your story.
  • Cross-check your essays to make sure you have a consistent message and report anything which sticks out and hurts the overall application.
  • Inspect whether your resume properly supports the rest of the application.
  • Identify overweight (or underweight) of military or non-traditional experience; we'll make sure your application is well balanced and reflects your overall candidacy.
  • Fine-tooth comb through the non-essay and resume sections of your application, checking for flow, grammar, or errors of omission.
  • After you receive a written report from us, we'll follow up with a phone call to review our most important suggestions and give you a chance to ask about our recommendations.


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